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toll-free number for business

What is a toll-free number?

As per Wikipedia toll-free number for business are also called, as Freecall and Freephone are numbers that start with 800, 0800, or 1‑800. These numbers are identified by a dialing prefix similar to a geographic area code, such as 909 (the area code that covers eastern Los Angeles County and southwestern San Bernardino County).

For example, Indian toll-free numbers begin with 1800 while the US; UK toll-free numbers begin with 800.

The specialty of these numbers is that a customer can call them without incurring any charges, from any part of the work. The number owner instead of the caller pays all the charges of incoming and outgoing calls.  This ultimately expands your customer base, as they are able to call your business across the world.

What is the difference between 800 Toll-Free, Vanity Numbers, and a Local Number?

  • Toll-free numbers: They are any normal toll-free numbers with 800 prefix.
  •  Vanity numbers: You can add your business name along with the digit code, for example, 1-800-COCACOLA or 1-800-VIRTUIVR. However, these numbers do not have the benefits of VoIP.
  • Local numbers: These are numbers with area code prefixes. And your customers will have to pay for the calls made while this is not the case with toll-free numbers.

Why does my business need a toll-free number?

toll-free number
The right choice for your business

This question is very common, especially among small business owners or entrepreneurs. But in reality, getting a toll-free number does not hurt any kind of business, in-fact it boosts a companies revenues and reputation. Let us list down the major features of a cloud-based toll-free number for your business.

1. IVR solution and Better Customer Satisfaction:

The first and foremost benefit is enhanced customer experience. Since the customers don’t have to spend a single penny to get in touch with your company or the agents, they are more likely to call for their issues. This further means more customer retention.

In addition, with these numbers, callers are greeted with an automated message and their call is routed to your agents’ phone number, which helps in faster on-call resolution to your customers.

2. Easy to remember numbers and Wide Range of Number to chose from:

A number like 1800-111-1111 is definitely easier for people to remember than other numbers. People tend to recall a toll-free number because of its standard pattern. Apart from existing customers, this flexibility helps you to attract more leads.

This also gives you options to choose the best-suited toll-free number for marketing your brand from a wide range of premium numbers.

3. Call Monitoring and Analysis:

A toll-free number helps to monitor the calls and gain instant insight of active, on-hold, and disconnected calls on a real-time call monitoring dashboard.

4. Call Management solution:

Call Recording: It helps to record & store your customer conversations and use it for future training and other purposes.
Call Tracking: It helps in keeping a constant tab on all incoming and hold calls.
Call Reports: It creates daily call reports, which can be downloaded or be received on your mail or through SMS text.

5. Business Portability:

Organizations those who are in the process to relocate or expand their business do not need to get worried about changing the existing numbers. In addition, it increases your brand’s visibility throughout the country. And with cloud-based toll-free services, the process of scaling your communication channels becomes quick and smooth.

6. Better Brand Image Keep your personal and professional communications separate:

People think that only big corporations can have 800 numbers. However, it’s not correct. Any startup, small business or enterprise, can have such a number. Undoubtedly, it behaves as a trust factor to a new customer or a lead and increases your credibility.

IMP: How to get a Toll-free number for my business?

This answer is very simple. To get the best 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 TOLL-FREE NUMBER, click on the button below.

Why should I choose VirtuIVR to buy my Toll-fee number?


Impress your clients by playing a custom greeting or offer a new deal when they call you.


Upload and save your custom greetings. Moreover, use the system to record and save without the need for any other tools.


Get a local or a toll-free number. VirtuIVR works in any city and in every country.


Make calls directly from your laptop or tablet without the hassle of a phone. Perfect for sales teams!


Contact your clients & leads via SMS straight from the dashboard. Have conversations like you would on your phone.


Don’t wonder about who is calling anymore. Our system will let you know exactly who is calling.


All your voicemails are magically transcribed and sent along with the audio to your email.


Save and search your contacts easily in VirtuIVR. With a click on button, start dialing them automatically.


Finally, add as many extensions as you like. Your employees can answer your company phone from anywhere.

And last but most important: Pricing that doesn’t break the bank! It costs only $67 per year.

Please go through our demo video to know more about the working of VirtuIVR:

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