What to look for in an IVR system in 2020?

IVR system in 2020 has become a necessity for all types of businesses in this COVID scenario. When all the businesses and companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, IVR systems are need of the hour, more than ever.  2020 has changed the way businesses used to work. It has made everyone more independent and drastically increased online working mode.

With an increase in the online and staggered working environment, IVR plays an important role in helping better client connectivity and efficient issue resolution.

There are a number of IVR systems available for small businesses out there, which makes choosing the right one more difficult. So this article will help you narrow down your search by clearly explaining the features required in an IVR system in 2020.

IVR system in 2020

 What to look for in an IVR system in 2020?

1. CRM Integration – IVR system in 2020:

To implement automation in an effective manner, it is imperative for IVR to have the feature of CRM integration. This way all the customer’s details such as their KYC, issues, and their calling data will automatically be stored in CRM. This data can be fetched by any agent when required and even automatic reminders or email can be set through CRM.

2. Drag and Drop Configuration– IVR system in 2020:

Well not all of us know to code or are tech-savvy. Hence one must always look for an IVR that provides you with drag and drop configuration. With drag and drop you can easily set up a call flow and menu options for the system by simply dragging and dropping and linking together different aspects, visually (like flow charts).

This is most beneficial for small businesses that can’t afford to keep a technical team. But at the same time, IVR that offers this feature can be expensive. In fact, we can suggest one such IVR which provides this feature and is cheapest. Click on the link below to know more about this IVR.

3. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR):

All the advanced IVR systems in 2020 have ASR features. This recognizes what a customer speaks and transfers into a text (speech to text). This text or document is stored as a record and even emailed to the concerned agents to apprise them of the situation whether it’s solved or requires further evaluation.

IV system in 2020

4. Self Service Options:

Self-service goes hand in hand with automation. It’s critical that your IVR supports self-service options to enable automated customer support. These self-service options will enable customers to interact with your system to solve issues without the need for agent intervention, allowing agents to focus on more complex issues and enabling callers to receive the help they need on their own accord.

Benefits of Self Service IVR

5. Queue Callback:

It really pisses a customer when they have to listen to music or a recording while on hold. Everybody’s time is precious, therefore Queue callback is great a feature to have in IVR these days. This gives the customer the option to have an agent call back when your turn arrives. This way the caller does not have to stick to the phone and wait for their turn.

6. Ring Groups:

This feature is a must in today’s date when everybody is working from home. Ring groups help a business to make sure they don’t miss any valuable calls. If a customer calls your office number (which might not get answered since the offices are closed), ring groups allow you to have multiple phones ring at once. When one dial a single phone number or extension, it enables your business to distribute incoming calls among different agents.

7. Skill-based routing:

This is very much useful when your company or business has more than one department. Skill-based routing forward incoming calls to the appropriate department or agent based on customers’ first interaction with IVR. This way, expert agents can handle more complex issues while callers are directed to the best agent for their issue.

IVR system in 2020

8. Extensions and Toll-free number:

An IVR system features should also include toll-free numbers, which gives a business a more professional and genuine feel. In-fact these numbers don’t cost a penny to the customers when they call you. Read more about the importance of a toll-free number for the success of your business in this article.

And with extension numbers, all your employees or departments can be allocated a specific extension number. This will streamline the entire calling process and make it more efficient and reduces time wastage. Your employees can answer your company phone from anywhere.

toll-free number for small business


IVR system is becoming more and more important in 2020 when work from home culture is gaining popularity. If your company or business is looking for a new communication channel, make sure it includes an IVR setup, that has most of the features listed above.

We would encourage you to try out VirtuIVR one of the cheapest IVR and has most of the features mentioned above. Click on the link below to know more and try this new IVR at $67/year.

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