7 Reasons you must have an IVR for Small Business

How do you feel when you are calling somebody for the first time and hear these statements on an IVR of small business?

“The number you are trying to call is currently busy. Please try again later.”


“The number you are trying to call is out of coverage area. Please try again later. “

Will you call them again or call somebody who offers you the same service/ product and is easily reachable. We are sure you feel irritated the same way we feel. And chances are you won’t call them again and instead call the other option.

Do you know how much business can you lose with these unanswered calls? According to a survey by High Level Marketing, around 60 percent of your potential clients will move on to your competitors. You can’t change the past but you can make your future more productive by using IVR for all your businesses. 

IVR or Interactive Virtual Response system serves as an e-receptionist by greeting the caller and then directing the calls to the appropriate departments without any delay and error. If you wish to know more about IVR and how it works, please go through our article on the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) Guide.

Let’s understand the reasons why you cannot miss to get an IVR for your small business

1. Better Customer Support

ACD benefits

When you call a business with an IVR system, you will automatically be routed to the correct person or department that can address your issue. IVR uses the Automatic Call Distribution feature, which directs the incoming call to the appropriate destination.

This whole automated call process reduces the hold time for a customer. As a result customer satisfaction increases and who doesn’t want a happy customer.

2. By having IVR for small business in place, your greetings won’t be affected if you are having a rough day

IVR for small business
Always greet your customer with a happy message!

Being a human means we have emotions, hence it is understandable you are going through a rough day. But how will your customer feel if they hear a sad or rude greeting? They also have emotions and they too won’t like the harsh voice.

Luckily IVR can take care of this. It is a machine, not affected by emotions. It will greet your customers with customized and personalized welcome messages creating a positive impact on them.

3. Never miss a call again even if you have only one phone

Yes you heard it right, if you are a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur chance are that you have one phone for your personal as well as business use. It’s only normal that your phone is busy most of the time. And clients don’t like to be ignored or to be asked to call back again. As the truth is you need them, they don’t need you.

IVR for small businesses

With IVR you don’t need more phones, you just need a laptop/desktop to manage calls. IVR system provides you with custom or toll-free numbers, which can be assigned to various support agents. In addition to that, in case all your support agents are busy IVR also stores the information of the caller and their voice message for follow-up. 

4. Reduces cost of operation and 24*7 service by having an IVR for all your business

Benefits of IVR
Attend multiple calls simultaneously

The IVR system these days is very easy on the pocket to install. They don’t require an extensive setup. And with single IVR you can handle 10 calls simultaneously. Which otherwise would have required at least 5 operators increasing your budget by a large amount. Therefore it helps you in saving a lot of your manpower expenses. IVR eliminates the cost of hiring new people for attending customer calls and helps you save your resources for a better investment option

Virtu IVR

VirtulVR is one such IVR system that has services starting from only $67 per year.

Not only that IVR will also handle calls beyond your normal operation hours without any need of an operator. This again helps you in retaining more customers by giving them timely resolutions.

5. Enhance your Professional Image

Clients are impressed by businesses, startups, freelancers who sound professional and value their customers time. A client won’t be impressed if they call your phone and nobody answers. If the phone simply rings, it does come off as a little too casual.

In fact if you have had an IVR system in place, your business will have a toll free number or a customized number which lools more professional. And with a call menu in place, your caller will consider your business more credible and reliable. 

In addition to that you can keep your caller engaged when on hold with nice music or a message aligning with your brand.

According to Call Source

“In a study, 72% of people correctly recalled vanity numbers after hearing a 30-second advertisement. The same advertisement with a numeric number resulted in a recall rate of just 5%!”

Still unsure if your consumers will want to dial a toll-free phone number to reach your business? Think again: 90% of Americans say they use toll-free numbers.

6. Stores all the queries and call data for future reference and call monitoring

It is very difficult to remember all the call details or make a note of the calls if you are working alone or have a small team. But it also very important to have all this data stored for future reference and to avoid any misunderstandings among you and your client. To maintain a transparent process, it is essential to store all the call data. IVR helps us to store this data and makes it easily accessible when required.

The second advantage of recording calls is in monitoring calls your support agents. It helps in training the agents and making them more prepared to answer calls more effectively. 

7. Gives more freedom for mobility

If you are a freelancer or starting a new business, which means you have to run around or travel to take care of many other issues is it professional or personal.

So no matter how big or small your team is or how near or far part your team members are, you can stay connected. IVR turns your cell phone into your office phone – no matter where you go or where you work from, the world is your virtual office.


The above benefits should make you realize how important it is to have an IVR system for your business. Business can be small or big, but ultimately we all want to grow. Therefore we should think big to achieve big. It does not matter if you are a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, everyone deserves to put their best foot forward to make a long-lasting impression on your clients.

And when the investment is so little compared to its benefits, one cannot ignore to take advantage of the system.  

Want IVR for yourself or your company, check out VirtulVR. They offer quality service at a very competitive price and are built on the Twilio platform, one of the most trusted in the industry.

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