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There are multitudes of IVR systems available in the market today but the one who provides most IVR system features at a very reasonable price is VirtuIVR – An automated phone system for your business. If you are still pondering whether to get an IVR system for your business or not, we recommend you to please go through this article. We are sure that this will help you make an appropriate decision.

IVR System features

In today’s article, we are going to elucidate all the IVR system features of a very reliable and affordable Cloud-based PBX and Interactive voice response system – VirtuIVR.

IVR system features of VirtuIVR

1. Custom Greetings:

Custom greetings enable you to improve your interaction with your customers. You can upload a prerecorded message, use the standard greetings, or use our text-to-speech function. According to the nature of your business and customers, you can customize the greetings. You can also include wishes for a festival or a social message.

VirtuIVR allows you to create personalized greetings for welcome messages and for voicemail messages. This will help enhance your customer experience and show more professionalism.

2. Extensions – IVR system features:

VirtuIVR provides you with unlimited extension numbers. You and all your employees or departments can be allocated a specific extension number. This will streamline the entire calling process and make it more efficient and reduces time wastage. Your employees can answer your company phone from anywhere.

3. Local or toll-free number:


VirtuIVR works in any city and in every country. Therefore you can get a local number pertaining to any area, making the customers belonging to the specific area more comfortable to contact you.

In addition, this IVR system features also include toll-free numbers, which gives a business a more professional and genuine feel. In-fact these numbers don’t cost a penny to the customers when they call you. Read more about the importance of a toll-free number for the success of your business in this article.

4. Dial Pad – IVR system features:

Ever wonder if you can carry a business without the hassle of carrying multiple phones. Well, VirtuIVR makes this possible. All you need is VirtuIVR software on your laptop or tablet. And on the dashboard of VirtuIVR, there is a dial pad similar to ones on the phone. This dial pad enables you to place calls directly from the laptop or tablet to your customer. This type of feature is best for the sales team.

5. Text Messages- IVR system features:

Another very useful feature is you can directly contact your clients and leads via SMS or text messages. Again there is no requirement of the phone. You can make a conversation just like you would do on a phone.

We all know how tedious it can be to write text messages on the phone. It can take a toll on our eyesight. But if you can type the same message directly from the dashboard on a laptop or tablet, it becomes much easier. You can send text or SMS messages straight to your clients without the need for any cell phone or service. Additionally, you can reply back to their messages and have a full conversation.

6. Lead ID Detection:

Moreover, you don’t have to wonder who is calling anymore. With VirtuIVR, state of the art Lead ID Detection, you will know exactly who is calling. The system will also store that information automatically for you. This way all your leads will be stored automatically and this will further reduce any chances of missing an important lead.

7. Voice-to-email:

 Another life-changing feature of this IVR system is that the entire voice message is saved automatically. It is generally noticed that businesses tend to avoid voice messages due to lack of time. To avoid this scenario VirtuIVR IVR system software sends all voice messages to your email.

8. Contacts – IVR system features:

Just like a traditional phone, all your contacts are automatically saved in the system. With one click you can find the client you wish to contact and can directly dial their number via software.

Unlike other software where you might have to manually dial the numbers using phone, VirtuIVR makes this process a lot simpler by directly dialing the numbers through a laptop or tablet.

9. Library:

There are two ways to save your customized greeting. Firstly, you can upload a pre-recorded message using outside software.

Secondly, you can record a message in the VirtuIVR system. Moreover, you can type your message, which will get converted to a voice message and will be played as per the setting and instructions.

10. Call Forwarding:

In case you are traveling or nobody in your office is available to receive calls at the business number, VirtuIVR lets you forward all incoming business calls and extensions to any landline and cellular platform.

This way you make sure that you are not missing any important business calls or new leads.

IVR system features

11. Call Recording:

All incoming calls are recorded for better user experience and customer service. Recording calls helps the business to assess its sales team and other front-facing employees. In addition to that, it helps in keeping a record of the type of issues existing customers mostly call your business. And it also helps in figuring out, what all questions a new customer can ask you. Therefore it prepares you in advance to deal with your customers. Furthermore, the storage capacity of this system is unlimited.

12. Powered by Twilio:

Twilio is one of the most trusted API systems throughout the world. And VirtuIVR Works with Twilio API. Each number is $1 per month and minutes are $0.0075. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the quality of service and customer care.


In addition to the features listed above, VirtuIVR provides you with all these IVR system features at pricing that doesn’t break your bank. Undoubtedly, it should be noted that it just costs you $67 per year for all these wonderful services.

In order to get more clarity, we recommend you watch the demo of this software and you will yourself realize the ease of its usage and its effectiveness.

If you have any more questions about VirtuIVR, please feel free to contact us at sales@virtuivr.com.

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